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Are you saved? "I'm Catholic!"

Are you saved? “I’m Catholic!” When I hear statements like this it triggers so many other questions about one’s salvation. Either you are saved or you’re not saved. And stating that you are a particular religion does not declare your walk in Christ. There are so many things I find wrong in religion. And so many things we state incorrectly out of habit. For instance, the statement “Praise the Lord!” is not a greeting, it’s an action that is done for God. People will answer their phone, “Praise the Lord!” Now, what would happen if people actually did? You would have to sit there and wait until they were finished giving God praise. I learned some time ago that the response to “praise the Lord” is “Hallelujah” but let’s not go off into a different path, we would here awhile just addressing how we do things out of religious habits. We can look at every denomination of Christianity and say, “Not ALL of them are saved” but when we examine the Roman Catholic Church and the crucial p

Why Should I Trust You?

Why should I Trust You? How often have you heard the phrase, “I can trust them as far as I can throw them?” You may have said it yourself. Or my favorite is, “I will trust you until you prove me wrong.” How do we trust anyone we do not know? In all of my studies I have learned that this is the secret of learning how to trust God. What are your thoughts when you hear someone say, “Trust me” two thoughts can come to mind, either you will say, “Okay, I’ll trust you,” or you will say, “Why should I trust you?” When we understand the why then we can understand the true meaning of following God and taking Him at His word. I don’t take much of what most people say to heart, when they open their mouths, after seeing their track record. Because what they say does not line up with what they do. And what they do certainly do not line up with what they say. This is why it is difficult to trust many people. It’s a fact the majority of people today will believe a lie over facts. Now, I am